How to Expand Your Business with PPC Marketing


TL;DR Summary

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a payment/buying model for internet marketing/advertising where you pay only when someone clicks on your ad.

Why is PPC useful?

  • PPC can generate a lot of traffic very quickly
  • PPC advertising is fast
  • PPC advertising is flexible
  • PPC can be very cheap
  • You pay only when someone clicks on your ad
  • PPC results are fast and measurable
  • You have control over budget & scheduling
  • Traffic you gain from PPC is targeted
  • PPC can help you get on Google’s first page instantly

How to get started?

Google Analytics

It’s recommended for you to have Google Analytics on your website before creating your first PPC campaign.

If you’re using WordPress, it’s as easy as installing a plugin and inserting the tracking ID (UA-XXXXXXXX-X).

Else, you need to paste the Javascript tracking snippet into your website (guide).

Having an analytics solution is important to determine the success of your marketing campaign (website visits, new sessions, new users, bounce rate, etc).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Google Adwords

Google, being the most used search engine, is where you should start your SEM efforts. It displays ads above organic search results.

You can open your account here.

Position of Google Search ads

An example of a search result with ads. All image credit goes to the original post.

Keyword Planner

Before creating your first campaign, use the Keyword Planner in Google Adwords to find relevant keywords

It also shows you potential new keywords and search volumes; useful for planning budget.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Campaign creation

To learn how to best set up an Adwords campaign, I recommend you to read the Adwords Fundamental study guide. It is the ultimate truth for Adwords.

Several best practices:

  1. Localise your ad to make them more relevant, hence a higher chance to be shown to your customers.
  2. Highly recommended to start with “long-tail” keywords (i.e. keywords that are more specific/with more number of words). It usually has the best performance but lower impression and clicks volume.
Guidelines for a successful campaign

Start with a minimal budget and work your way up. Increase the budget on campaigns that show a better result.

Keyword Quality

It’s recommended to pause keywords below the quality score (QS) of 5. QS measures the relevance of your keyword to your ad and landing page.

Negative Keywords

Check your search query report for terms that trigger your ad. Exclude the terms that are not related to your ads.

Analysing Results – Key Indicators
  • Impressions – How many people have seen the ad
  • Clicks – How many times the ad was clicked
  • Click-through Rate (CTR) – Percentage of seen ads that were clicked
  • Bounce rate – Percentage of people that have clicked the add but navigated away without taking any consequent actions on your site
  • Cost per Click – How much are you paying for clicks on average
  • Total Cost of your ads
  • Conversions – How many desired actions have you driven on your website

Display Advertising

Display advertising allows your ad to appear on different websites based on your choice of targeting.

Display advertising comes in various forms (e.g. image, video, text) and sizes (e.g. leaderboard, skyscraper, medium rectangle).

Google Display Network

The largest display ad network. It has the advantage of reach and has various targeting methods (e.g. contextual, placement, user interest).

Facebook ads

Advertising on Facebook, where people spends a lot of their time on. Targeting is mostly based on user interest.

Notable Quotes

Main difference between Search and Display advertising is in a fact that with Search Advertising your adverts show only when someone searches for specific keywords while Display Advertising gives you the option of serving your ads to the audience of your choosing.

Even if you don’t get good results from your PPC Campaigns the first time, you can always try again later by further optimizing your campaigns or, if everything else fails, hire a PPC professional to help you.

Recommended Reading

Recommended book - Contagious by Jonah Berger

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